THSSNL is a scholarly society that consolidates all areas related to Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). HSS is the strongest and oldest department at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). LUMS has set a high mark in offering unique courses; the intellectual rigor and critical thinking its faculty inculcates is nonpareil.



The vast amount of literary work in humanities and the experiences of HSS students exhorted us to launch Publications at THSSNL. This will collaborate by and large the articles, essays and papers of our students and esteemed faculty. It will give a platform to students at LUMS to preserve their work and get it published.

Moreover, we firmly believe in branching out to other parts of Pakistan, thus out THSSNL Internship will amass writing material of students and scholars from different areas. It will enable them to think and reflect over challenging concepts and will allow their voice to be heard.
The subject matter of HSS is inconceivably vast and caters to the interest of everyone. We have a wide array of sections students will be intrigued by.

The connoisseurs of knowledge are encouraged to avail of this brilliant opportunity.



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