Publications at THSSNL is proudly offering a 6-week long online internship to students related to the areas of writing and research. The internship will allow people to find their area of interest in Humanities and Social Science, contribute to the corpus of literature and expand their own knowledge.

Like all online internships, THSSNL Internship grants its interns the ease of timing and place of work. Moreover, the wide selection of subjects listed gives the interns free reign to work on their area of interest. The interns will be expected to uphold the rules of standard English since we will ensure that all work is academically appropriate.

Those connoisseurs of knowledge who preserve wisdom by the hilt of their pens are welcome to be a part of this prestigious and mentally invigorating internship. Like Sylvia Plath if you believe that ‘you write because there is a voice within you that will not be still’ or if like Michelangelo you desire to set free angels trapped in the marble of ignorance or like Maya Angelou you deem it agonizing ‘to bear an untold story inside you’ then Publications at THSSNL is the place for you! If you are not afraid to admit that you “like” what you study then apply now and write or research for us on a wide array of subjects like Literature, Political Science, Philosophy, Languages, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Music, Theatre, Education, History, Geography, Religion, or Art!

The only selection criteria is a willingness to learn and a dedication to work!

The deadline to apply is 20th July 11:59 pm
Interested applicants should send their CVs and a writing sample (500 words maximum) to 

The selected candidates will be informed by 21st July .
Internship period begins on 22nd July, interns will be expected to respond to emails and complete their tasks within the given time.

Be a part of this Literary Renaissance!



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